1. belleamavel sagte: I am still excited from your Voice and your Story. Erotic at its best. Thank you... I love the Part when you tast your own skin. Wish it would be my tongue. Kisses B.


    Thank you!!! Glad you liked it! I might do more of those in the future!

    Please do so. i will be patiently waiting
    Kisses B.

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  3. nautiemm:

    I wake up from my dream in bed all alone, but my body is still alive… haunted by the echo of your words. Those words that that make my body ache… those words that have lifted me up and shatter me into a million blissful pieces when I finally have my release.

    And so I close my eyes and I slowly slide my hand across my taught stomach imagining your fingertips are the ones caressing my skin. It flushes as I imagine your hot breath on my neck as you lean in to kiss it. I can feel your beard graze the crook of my neck and a hint of a smile appears on my lips.

    My nipples hard… screaming for your touch and so I slide my hand to cup my breasts as I arch my back off the bed and squeeze them. The rest of my body now has seemed to join in on the overwhelming flurry of sensations as I feel the throbbing of my clit beating in unison with the beating of my heart and the rise and fall of my chest due to my heavy breathing.

    I place two fingers in my mouth and suck on them before I slide them down to pussy. I circle my clit with the pad of my thumb as glide my finger along my slick entrance. Somehow they are not my fingers anymore. It’s your cock rubbing on my clit. Teasing me, lifting me higher and higher. I can almost feel the weight of your body on me.

    I tilt my head to the side and slide my tongue on my shoulder… tasting my own skin, but feeling your tongue as it licks me. You bite me gently as I finally feel your cock slide into me and I lift my hips up off the bed to meet your thrust.

    I circle my hips and thrust zealously as you slide in and out of me, taking me to the brink with each pass. I scream your name as my body explodes in a breath taking orgasm. Your words that consume me and intoxicate me have once again provided me release.

    Gasping, I roll over on my side and slide my leg over a pillow as I close my eyes and drift back off to sleep.

    🎶I know you’re somewhere out there… Somewhere far away🎶

    Damn hot…

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